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St. Lawrence River, Ontario portion

The St. Lawrence River is a massive and quite impressing river, especially on the Ontario side! This river is quite challenging as it has very strong water currents and is deeper and wide then your average Ontario river. There are various charming villages that you will be able to find along the St Lawrence River valley but they tend to be spread further apart which makes for an excellent isolated and serene day out in town and in the water.

This truly spectacular river is world renowned. It is about 775 miles long and flows freshwater that derives from the Great lakes until it reaches its drop off point in the Atlantic Ocean. There are dozens of small islands that can be found all throughout the St. Lawrence River which has been affectionately coined as the Thousand Islands which happens to also be one of the best areas in the river to go fishing. The St. Lawrence River has been blessed with many species of fish including the following: the Black Bass, the Northern Pike, the Walleye, the Trout, the Muskie, the Kings, the Rainbow trout, the Chinook salmon, the coho Salmon, the smallmouth bass and the largemouth bass.

Fishing charters and guides are available almost year round but the majority of them operate between the months of April to November on the St Lawrence River in Ontario. There is no ice fishing during the winter months and fishers respect the spawning and rearing season of the fish during the earlier months of the year. The most popular fishing months are June, July and August. Charters and guides leave from various destinations along the St. Lawrence River including Port Hope, 1000 Islands and Brockville.

For the experienced fisher who has a preference as to what he would like to catch, there are specialized charters for the different species of fish according to their season. From June to September, this is the best time of the year to pick up trout and Salmon in the St. Lawrence River. The Bass, Muskie, walleye and northern Pike can be found from September to November. If you are particularly interested in the Northern Pike and the Walleye, then you can come as early as May to fish for them, since their fishing season begins in May and really begins to pick up in June. If you are a Muskie fisher then fall is the time to go. The best month to fish for these guys is in October.

Fishing in the St. Lawrence River is most definitely going to be a fun and wild experience. The challenges it poses is certainly one of its highlights among others. Many fishers go purely for the experience while others are interested in the “Big” catches from these wild waters. Other fishermen enjoy the panoramic beauty and tranquility that this immense river has to offer.